Press Inquiries and Copyright Restrictions on
For-Profit and Other Unauthorized Uses

Press Inquiries

If you are making a press inquiry, please use the Contact page to send a message (1) identifying your organizational affiliation and (2) providing a link or citation to a published article you have written on an environmental issue. 

For-Profit and Other Unauthorized Uses

The copyright on this book only authorizes free downloading, distribution and use of the publication (or any portion thereof) for non-profit purposes that will contribute to life conservation.  If you would like to use material from this publication in a for-profit context, including media use and private (for-profit) schools, you must first request permission and explain the nature of the intended use.  Permission must also be requested if you may use material from the book for any purpose that could work against biodiversity conservation.  For instance, this restriction applies if you are a blogger or journalist who distributes information that might foster public doubts about climate change or other causes of life declines.  You can request permission to download the book, or select portions of it, through the Contact link.

Any such request is subject to approval, conditional approval, or denial at the sole discretion of the copyright holder.  An authorization to use any material from the book for certain for-profit and other purposes may also be subject to a copy and use fee that will redirect some of the revenues from that use towards biodiversity conservation efforts.  For individuals who violate these restrictions -- and proceed to download or use material from the book for any of the restricted purposes outlined without first requesting and receiving permission -- the default purchase price is $500 per book copy (or the sum of $10 per page, whichever sum is smaller) downloaded or distributed.  However, if the infringement is particularly egregious or an enforcement action becomes necessary, a larger penalty fee may be assessed.  Payment to purchase the book or a portion thereof for a for-profit or unauthorized use can be made through the Support link.  Any payment made under these terms will be used for nonprofit efforts to conserve life.